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At Aussie Resort Pool Services, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your pool maintenance needs:

Pool Products

Supply of Pool Products: From chemicals and cleaning equipment to accessories and spare parts, we provide a wide selection of high-quality pool products to keep your pool in top condition.

Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning: Our experienced team ensures your pool remains sparkling clean with regular cleaning services, including vacuuming, skimming and scrubbing to remove debris and maintain water clarity.

Residential Pool Services

Residential Pool Services: We specialise in personalised care for residential pools, offering tailored maintenance plans, water testing, equipment inspections and expert advice to keep your home pool in optimal condition.

Commercial Pool Services

Commercial Pool Services: Catering to the unique needs of commercial properties such as resorts, hotels and community centers, we provide comprehensive maintenance solutions to ensure guest safety and satisfaction, including routine cleaning, water treatment and compliance with industry standards.

Repairs and Upgrades

Repairs and Upgrades: Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle repairs and upgrades for all pool equipment, including pumps, filters, heaters and lighting, ensuring efficient operation and extending the lifespan of your pool investment. Whether it's a minor repair or a major renovation, we've got you covered.


Pool Cleaning Gold Coast: Frequency depends on factors like usage, weather, and vegetation. Typically, pools should be cleaned weekly to remove debris and maintain water clarity.

You’ll need chlorine to sanitise, pH increaser or decreaser to adjust acidity, alkalinity increaser to stabilize pH, and shock treatment to oxidize organic contaminants.

Regularly sanitize your pool with chlorine, maintain proper water balance, brush and vacuum the pool walls and floor and ensure good water circulation and filtration.

Backwashing frequency depends on factors like filter type and pool usage. As a general rule, backwash when the filter pressure increases by 25% over normal operating pressure or when the flow rate decreases significantly.

Test your pool water at least once a week for chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and cyanuric acid levels. Adjust chemicals as needed to maintain proper balance.

Regularly check for leaks and repair them promptly, minimize splashing during pool use, use a pool cover to reduce evaporation, and consider installing water saving equipment.

Start by checking for power supply issues, clogged filters, or airlocks. Refer to the equipment manual for troubleshooting tips or contact Aussie Resort Pool Services.

Always supervise children around the pool, ensure the pool area is fenced and secure, keep lifesaving equipment nearby and follow proper diving and swimming guidelines to prevent accidents.